Terms and conditions are intended to protect users of Internet site www.transfersdubrovnik.com and to protect the company. With the emergence of the Internet, protection from irresponsible, disturbing and distracting, and also illegal acts and activities must be a priority. These conditions are available online, via e-mail or telephone. When accessing and using our web site and / or completion a reservation, You agree that You have read, understood, and agreed with the terms which are listed below (including privacy policy).

Transfers Dubrovnik Ltd. through www.transfersdubrovnik.com offers transfers services in Croatia from various destinations and airports. Web site www.transfersdubrovnik.com makes it available for its customers to find and book for their transfer under fixed rates all over Croatia.

All of these services & products are covered by the following terms and conditions. By accessing this application, You agree to abide by the terms and conditions that apply. We will not be held accountable for any issues arising from a service provided by a collaborating party. In case of any disagreement or in case that any of these terms fail to fully satisfy You (as a web user or travel professional) in any way, Your authorization to use this web site or any related service, automatically ends.

1. General

1.1. Transfer implies the transport of at least one passenger from pick-up point to your destination. If pick-up points or drop-off points are not mentioned on our pages, please send us Your request and we will contact You with our custom made offer.
1.2. You can choose between few types of transfers and vehicles. The prices are created according to the type of vehicle You choose and the distance between Your pick-up point and the destination.
1.3. At pick-up point the driver will be waiting for You with a sign with Your name on it.

2. Booking

2.1. Person that makes the reservation has to be over 18.
2.2. Reservation has to be made at least 24 hours before the transfer.
2.3. For successful reservation we need Your personal details (fill the booking form). After You send us that informations Your reservation will be confirmed by sending You a confirmation letter via email. Usually we send confirmation letter within 12 hours. We can assure You that all your personal data are treated very seriously and they will be protected in our system. We won't abuse in any way Your personal details.
2.4. Confirmation Letter - It is client's responsibility to notify us in the event of not receiving the confirmation letter or in the case that booking details have been entered inaccurately. All the details You have entered/or requested to be entered in the booking process will be displayed in the confirmation letter.

3. Vehicle security

3.1. All the vehicles for transfers are properly inspected and insured in accordance to the laws of the Republic of Croatia.
3.2. The transfer provider commits that the transfer will be effectuated professionally and in accordance to the transportation rules and the laws of the Republic of Croatia.
3.3. In case that the transfer hasn't been completed, You don't have to pay for the service.
3.4. If the client for any reason is not able to establish a contact with our chauffeur he/she must contact our customer service on the number: +385 98 1620 851.

4. Luggage

It is considered that the standard luggage comprises two large suitcases and one manual luggage per person. If You have more luggage please notify us in advance. The largest permitted amount of luggage are four bags and manual luggage allowed in airplanes per person.

5. Payment

Amount You have to pay for our service You will pay to Your chauffeur when You arrive on Your destination.

6. Cancellation and change of reservation

6.1. You can cancel Your reservation up to 48 hours before the arranged transfer. Any alteration of reservation which includes change of date is without extra charge. Change of Your pick-up point, drop-off point or vehicle will be charged in accordance with prices on our website.

6.2. In case of delayed and missed flight/ferry/train/bus due to a road transfer

- If You miss your flight (or any other means of transportation) because of traffic jams or any other road conditions which are not direct fault of Transfers Dubrovnik, Transfers Dubrovnik cannot be held responsible, nor can You demand of Transfers Dubrovnik to refund You for Your financial loss.

- If Transfers Dubrovnik is the direct cause of Your delay (ex. flat tire, no gas, late arrival, negligence of the driver etc.), You will be refunded for Your loss.

- The times of departure to/from the airport or any other destination are simply an advice given by the agents and were created for standard routes and traffic conditions. You may or may not choose to accept the recommended time, and You may change it if You think that You might need more time.

- After receiving the confirmation letter (voucher) we ask of You to check it thoroughly and by accepting the voucher as Your confirmation of the reservation, You accept complete responsibility for the outcome of the transfer.

7. Disclaimer

In accordance with the afore-mentioned terms and conditions, we are liable only for direct damages You have suffered and incurred in the absence of compliance with obligations that are related to our services. Transfers Dubrovnik, or any of its directors, employees or agents involved in creating, sponsoring, promoting or other content creation will not be liable for any criminal liability, direct or indirect losses or damages, any inaccuracies related to the information described on our website. The drivers reserve the right to deny embarkation to the vehicles in cases of inebriated or misbehaved clients. There can't be any refund for these cases and in the event of damages there may be prosecution and damage claims.

8. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The governing law will be the law of Republic of Croatia. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be finally settled under the Rules of Arbitration of the Permanent Arbitration Court at the Croatian Chamber of Economy by one arbitrator appointed in accordance with the said Rules. The seat of arbitration shall be in Zagreb and the language of arbitration shall be English.