The first thing you want to do when you land at the airport is to start your vacation as soon as possible. To do so, you must manage your luggage and get to the hotel first. This is where our service steps in to help you.

Avoid carrying your luggage across the terminals, riding crowded buses that leave you nowhere near your hotel or taking a taxi that is too expensive and unreliable. I have tried all of this myself and trust me – it hurts to see people making the same mistakes.

That is the main reason why I started a company that takes all the responsibility for your transfer from the airport to your accommodation. We do all the work and you just enjoy your vacation while the others are stuck in the long queue for a taxi or a bus.

Our company offers You safe travel through the whole Dubrovnik Riviera and some other popular destination (Montenegro, Mostar, Međugorje, Korčula),regardless of number of passengers or type of vehicle.


• We will check Your flight arrival time in order to be there in time for your transfer

• Your chauffeur will meet You at the arrival terminal

• Your chauffeur will have a sign with Your name written on it

• Your chauffeur will help You with the luggage

• Your chauffeur will have prepared itinerary to Your destination - no need to queue for taxi or drag Your bags around searching for public transport

• Comfortable, Clean Fleet - Our fleet is well-maintained, smoke-free and cleaned daily

• Fixed price of the transfer (lower than taxi price)